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Love My Greyhound Vinyl Decal Sticker (V1)

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Love My Greyhound Vinyl Decal Sticker (V1) is the perfect decal to show your love for your four-legged family member. Great as car decals for Greyhound Moms, Greyhound Dads or Greyhound Advocates. Check out version 2 of this same design.  You can personalize our design to your own liking by choosing from several colors and sizes using the drop down menus above.

Perfect for & Easily Applied to:
  •                 Cellphones
  •                 Cars
  •                 Trucks
  •                 Windows
  •                 Tablets
  •                 Laptops
  •                 Mugs
  •                 Wine Glasses

Or Any Smooth & Clean Surface

Our decals are all-weather, adhesive decals cut from high quality Oracal 651 Vinyl. All decals do not come with any backgrounds, all backgrounds used are for display purposes only. The application surface of a decal becomes its background.

    Made in the U.S.A.